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3 Tips to Ensure your Website Design and SEO is Done Right

Organic search and website design is intrinsically linked. It means that design has an impact on website’s ability to rank well for relevant terms. Websites designed without organic search in mind can create problems in ranking. Below we have covered three methods to ensure your design is helping or hindering your SEO efforts.

Know your Usability Factors

Search Engines provide the best results with the customer satisfaction. Search engines reward the sites that provide great user experience. Poor usability translates to the bad user experience. Good user experience reflects longer time spent by user on the site, higher volumes of inbound links and a healthy amount of social shares. A good website design does not focus on desktop usability but also on mobile usability. Mobile friendliness is imperative factor to make gains in organic search visibility.

Design for Content Discoverability

If you want your content to be crawled and indexed by search engines, it needs to be discoverable. If your content would not be discovered, it will be impossible to get your site pages ranked. From a website design perspective, your goal should be to create a website that is intuitive for users to engage with. From an SEO point of view, your aim should be to create a website that allows pages to crawl and distributes internal links. It is recommended to keep the important content at the top of the website. Add product categories that should be mapped directly to your priority keywords.

High Quality Content

Content is the main ingredient that tells search engines what each page is about. Initially SEO was about to stuff landing page with keywords but now it is all about quality content. Quality content starts from the design and structuring of the website from the beginning. Content is the main aspect that conveys the message and let people know what your website is about. It is necessary to be vigilant when it comes to creating content.

You need to understand the value of website design in the ranking and SEO. A good website design and SEO ensure that website has opportunity to rank for key terms that matter to your business.