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3 Types of Keywords That Can Get Your Content Found Faster

Getting attention in digital world is not like purchasing a piece of real estate and putting up a great sign. People won’t just wander and stumble on your site. In fact, you have far more competition online. The primary way to access your website is by searching on a search engine like Google. No matter what kind of content you do, keywords matter. Use of right keywords will make or break your website. If quality content is the king for a digital marketing then keywords are the king for content that bring your content found faster on search engines. Read on to find out three types of keywords that work effectively to make your content found faster.

Long-tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are the low hanging fruit to go after. Long-tail keywords are more detailed and descriptive search terms or phrases.

For instance, there is difference between: Search Engine Optimization and Award-Wining Search Engine Optimization

Getting top ranking would not happen overnight. However, the process of getting found can be far more efficient by using popular long-tail keywords. Targeting and optimizing your content around long-tail keywords can help you reach the target audience quickly that improves your SEO.

Long-tail keywords are easier to rank for because people are not optimizing their sites for specific phrases. They have lower search traffic. People searching for things will be aware of what they are looking for so it will generate a significant amount of traffic. This is all about your buyer persona. It is better to attract small number of buyers than large numbers of people who are just vaguely interested.

How to find long-tail keywords?

Finding appropriate long-tail keywords requires a bit of research. Researching keywords for your business is a tricky process. The effective way to find out the long-tail keywords is to focus on how your buyers are describing their needs and what words they will use in search engines to fulfill them. Go through comment sections and popular communities like Quora or Amazon to see what people are writing.

Trending Keywords

Keywords based on trending or current events can get you found fast on the search engines. How does it work? When your content is focused on trending keywords, it is more likely to show up in the Google News Section above the organic rankings. Secondly, it will also get picked up in Google’s organic rankings quickly because their algorithm is constantly searching for the content on trending topics and pages. However, this is a tricky process as everyone is posting content on the same topic so you need to make sure to come up with something different and unique insights.

How to find Trending Keywords?

Google trends, Twitter Moments, Facebook Trends or any other industry specific news site can help you find out what is going on. You have to be proactive and stay ahead of the game of the trend.

Already Ranking Keywords

Everyone who has been creating blog content for a few months or years have a big advantage when it comes to find out already ranked keywords.

How to find Already Ranking Keywords?

Go for your analytics and look at your search queries that have resulted in your organic traffic. Make a list of the following items:
Keywords that are relevant to your business but have not created content on it yet.
Keywords on which you have already produced content but still have more potential.
Keywords that are similar to existing content but have not been specifically target.
You are already getting traffic from these keywords so use them more to get more and more traffic.
Keywords are integral to the success of your business and learning how to research and understand keyword is important if you are planning to be found online in fast way.