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5 Ways to Design a Website People Actually want to Visit

It might happened with you that you visited a business website and taken a look but immediately leave the website. Want to know why did it happen? A recent study by a German based website design consultancy EyeQuant has found its answer. This website uses artificial intelligence to study websites and also identifies the most workable features that are more likely to connect with the users. Recently EyeQuant studied 300 ecommerce websites on different spectrums ranging from car rental agencies to travel sites and electronic outlets. Then the company compared these scores with bounce rates provided by Alexa.

Clarity and bounce rate are interrelated. The study has unveiled five ways to design a website that no one will leave your website. Implement these five suggestions in your website designing and convert your visitors into customers.

1. Focus on the three Ws

What? Why? Where? These three Ws need to be clear to a website visitor. What are you selling? Why should they avail your services? Where should they go next to proceed the process? A website must answer these questions to engage the visitors. You don’t really need much, if you have answers of these questions. If you have them on your website, you are giving reason to your visitors to be your potential customers.

2. Precision in choosing elements

Do you know what makes a website look cluttered? The main culprit is content. According to EyeQuant user test, websites with the most words have least clarity. Keep the description and content on website organized and limited. Advertisements also make sites busy. Keep it simple.

3. Avoid carousels

Having slides that automatically change every few seconds on your website is not a wise idea. It might please you but avoid them at any cost. It does not attract customers. It might create negative impact.

4. Create a design friendly culture

A good website does not mean a lot of fancy elements on it. Every simple element in organized manner is something that makes a website look appealing, neat and user friendly. Make sure to design your website on the basis of your customers’ reviews and feedbacks. And never underestimate the power of advice by experts.

5. Take a scientific approach

Though it is said that a website should not be cluttered, however it is not specified what a good website should possess. Something will work for one business but might not work for other businesses.
Before making any change on website, make sure to you know what kind of impact it will have on visitors. Think about the reasons you would leave a website without doing anything. Is this one of the above mentioned reasons? Share your views in comments.