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5 Ways Web Design impacts Customer Experience

Website Design is one of the most essential components of Digital media marketing strategy. A great website design throws a spotlight on your businesses objectives in a beautiful way. The aesthetics, visual appeal, usability and other crucial factors have a big impact on the long term success of a business. Understating the value of website design is a big drawback. Do you know how dramatically it can impact your business? Let’s have a look on the five most important aspects of a website design that draws attention of traffic and improve your business’ productivity.


How does you site look have a deep impact on the users. Website design gives first impression of your business. A beautifully crafted website with appealing colors, creative images and videos can bring dramatically positive impact on your business. A good web design must include responsive design, big and bold fonts, eye-catching images and multimedia. By using such useful elements, you make your content much more scannable, engaging and enjoyable for readers.


A website design represents you. Professionalism refers to the impression your site makes to the visitors before they start reading your site. Through a good website design, you get the opportunity to give an impression of modern, respectable and updated business to the visitor.

How a web design can contribute to professionalism?

Here are three major factors that reflect your professionalism.

A Culture Page

A culture page is the part of your website that shows the values, vision and mission of your business. What values do you have? Do you maintain certain traditions? What makes you trustworthy? These all can contribute to the culture page to give the impression about how much professional you are.

Team Photos

How happy your employees look can also go a long way in reinforcing professionalism. It is up to you how you choose to show them together.


Another important element of professionalism is your clients’ reviews. Mention the views of your clients on the website.

Professionalism will let visitors know that your customers are always your priority. And professionalism requires an incredible web design based on the type of the business you have.


Clarity refers to the easy use and easy navigation of the site. This is how your audience reach to your services pages. If navigation on your website is complicated, there are chances to lose the audience.

You can make navigation easier by using two well-known navigation styles:


When someone clicks on the new page, your site automatically adds their previous page to navigation bar, making it easier for users to go back to where they were.

Drop-down Menu

As obvious from the name, it lets users hover their cursor over menu title and choose the desired category they want.

Adding easy navigation styles can add up to a workable website.

Load Time

This is the time for which someone has to wait for a page on your site to open. Load time is also an important factor when it comes to Google Ranking. A blink of an eye load time is what users want nowadays so it is advisable to use minimal data.

How can you reduce load time of the site?

You can optimize image sizes on your website to ensure your website loads as quickly as possible. You can use .jpg files for images.
You can remove auto-play media like video and audio.
You can also opt for more white space to reduce data demand. White space makes it easier for users to see the text and elements clearly.

Whenever design your website, make sure to align it with load time.


Without conversions a business won’t survive. How website design impacts conversions?


Colors here means an intelligent use of contrast to highlight selling propositions. If website has cool colors, you can use warm colors for call to action.

KISS Principle

KISS principle refers to keep it simple, stupid. This demands a simple website design that is easy to understand and follow.

By incorporating two concepts at once in a website, you can make your site much more efficient as winning new customers.