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7 website mistakes that may harm your business

A website is the reflection of your business, products, professionalism and dedication to your work. But a website with mistakes can leave a bad impression about you and also increase the chances of losing the potential leads. After going through some websites, we have enlisted a few mistakes that we noticed like extra loud, auto play videos and the most weird was problematic web hosting and domain strategies. We just want to make sure that you are not making the same mistakes on your website. Let’s go through those mistakes so that you can avoid them to make a successful online business.

A Poor Website Hosting

Your company has a great physical reputation but how can you risk your business with a subpar web hosting? Your hosting company might not be too upset if your sites go down as they have millions of customers. You must go for a good web hosting company for a premium service.

Choosing a Complicated Domain Name

Is your domain name easy to remember? Not? How can you expect someone to access you? You said best and incredible dot come. Was it ‘thebest’, ‘the-best’ or just ‘best’? Having a memorable and easy to spell domain helps you attract and retain visitors.

Using an Impersonal Business Email Address

Investing in a beautiful website but using ‘@outlook’, ‘@gmail’, or ‘@hotmail’ for your business primarily email address? You are at risk. Use your own domain for your email address. It also give the effect of professionalism and trustworthiness.

Slow Website Loading

How much does it take to load your website pages? Ten seconds or three? As it happens, Google punishes the websites that provide slow experience and visitors quickly hit the back button. It should load in blink of eyes. A good website hosting indicates the site speed in milliseconds.

Getting an Unexpected ‘this site not found’ or ‘this site is dangerous’ Message

Do you have any process to have a look on your website working once a day? Are you sure it is working? Does your site look the way you want it to be? Is your website is free from any kind of viruses? You must have to constantly monitor your site or must choose a host that monitors your website for you.

Outdated Software and Design

They say ‘Dress for the job you want.’

Make a strong and professional impression with clean and modern web design.

Outdated version of site and software make your website an easy target for hackers. Do you remember when you last updated your website design? Do it right now. You don’t have to spend time, money and effort on website design. Just select a high quality theme and add your branding. Choose the website design that is mobile responsive and loads fast.

Missing Call-to-Actions

What you want your visitors to do? Do you encourage them? If the answer is no. you are making a harmful website mistake. If services are well explained and offered on a site then a call-to-action must encourage them in explicit way to make an inquiry.

There you have it. Consider these mistakes seriously as they can make or break the success of the website and the growth of the company. Make sure to avoid these website mistakes to have a successful business. Understanding the nature of the mistakes and preventing and eliminating them will put you in a better competitive position to achieve both short as well as long-term success.