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Are you lost? Our Frequently Asked Questions Can Help!

Q. What do you need to start the Job?
A. We require a 50% Deposit to start the job and we need as much information from your end about your business, You know more about your industry and Business then we do, We have a questioner which is required to be filled before we start the job these helps us understand more of what you need for your website.

Q. Who manages the website once it is created?
A. Once the website is created, our web developer will provide you complete instructions to own your website. We offer easy to use services to make everything smoother for you on website.

Q. Do you provide SEO on my site?
A. Yes, we also provide SEO services. We have a team of proficient SEO specialists who does not only provide on-page SEO but also make efforts to boost your ranking on leading search engines. They make a comprehensive keyword analysis of your business to use it properly in the content.

Q. How much does a website cost?
A. It varies based on the business objectives and goals. A website includes a number of factors including SEO, web design, development, blogs and list goes on. You can either take the whole package or can take few services. Cost will vary depending on the services you take.

Q. What kind of business do you deal with?
A. We have broad vision. Our services are not limited to few business industries. We have been dealing with vast businesses ranging from digital world and tourism to finance, arts, nature, food, technology and more.

Q. How long does it take to build a website?
A. Time duration depends on the nature of business, its goals and clients' preferences. Our experts will finalize the time duration in the start of deal and will complete the project before deadline.

Q. Can you help me write content also?
A. Yes we can. We feel pride to have a team of adept content writers, copywriters and editors to create a creative and unique content for your website.

Q. What will my website look like?
A. Your preference is our utmost priority. Your website will look like the way you want. Our team of designer and developers understand your business objectives and demands in detail by having a discussion with you. Then they provide a prototype before starting work. Once the clients give approval for design, we start working on it.

Q. What kind of images will be sourced on my website?
A. We shall ask you to provide us images and pictures during the process. If you do not have any photos, we will source relevant and high quality images to bring your website to life.

Q. Do you offer a one page web design service?
A. Yes we do. Whether it is a one page web design or comprised on multiple pages, we will make it happen.

Q. My current website is so dull, I want to change it. Can you help me?
A. Yes we can. Keep your domain name and when your new website is ready, you can simply cancel your old hosting. We can definitely help you to re-launch your website.

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