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Alert for Freelance Writers: 3 Bad SEO Practices to Avoid

Working as a freelancer is not just about quality content but also building your portfolio. If you are being asked to write content specifically designed to trick search engines, do you really think that your creativity is given importance? Make sure to be proud of whatever you are doing. Here are 3 bad SEO practices you must avoid to be a professional and successful freelance writer.


You already have an idea about how backlinks work. The more web pages are linked to your site means more your site look like an authority to the search engine. As a writer, you probably have a client who want you to pose as a casual consumer on various forums. You will never want forum users tracing your spammy promotions back to you. So, may be back linking does not work for SEO but people will still click on the links.

Keywords Density and SEO

The usage of keywords for a number of times in a post is considered an important aspect of SEO. It is nothing but a misconception. This is an outdated practice of SEO. Keyword stuffing is highly prohibited in digital marketing. If your client has an outdated understanding of search engines, it means they don’t have quality content on their website.

Fake Testimonials

Working for a retail business? Then get ready for writing fake reviews. If someone is willing to deceive consumers to build traffic on website, chances are they are dishonest in other ways as well.

Learn to say no. may be your client is under a lot of pressure to make their website a success but it does not mean to use outdated and fake ways to increase clientage. Don’t compromise your creative integrity. Invest more time in drumming up new projects.