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What Is The Best Time to Post on Social Media?

Have you ever noticed the time and day when your content is most likely to be shared on social media? Do you know the time when your audience actively participates? Is the engagement time of audience on Facebook and Twitter same?

Creating a post with amazing content and images is of no use without a workable strategy. It is advisable to post on social media in peak hours and days for your audience. It is quite obvious that ideal time slot will vary based on the social networks, customer segments, external events, multiple use-cases and even time zones. An effective posting schedule can help you to increase web traffic and number of shares. Though quantity of viewers may not mean quality but it is one of the crucial points to setup your social content calendar. If you have not determined your own best time to post, experts have merged all findings in the infographic below. Use this ultimate guide to supercharge your audience engagement in all social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram and Linked in by posting on absolutely best times and days.

With the help of this posting times guide, you should not have to worry about connecting with your audience at the right time. You just need to stay consistent with the time you are posting.