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5 Ways to Design a Website People Actually want to Visit

It might happened with you that you visited a business website and taken a look but immediately leave the website. Want to know why did it happen? A recent study by a German based website design consultancy EyeQuant has found its answer. This website uses artificial intelligence to study websites and also identifies the most workable features that are more likely to connect with the users. Recently EyeQuant studied 300 ecommerce websites on different spectrums ranging from car rental agencies to travel sites and electronic outlets. Then the company compared these scores with bounce rates provided by Alexa.

3 Tips to Ensure your Website Design and SEO is Done Right

Organic search and website design is intrinsically linked. It means that design has an impact on website’s ability to rank well for relevant terms. Websites designed without organic search in mind can create problems in ranking. Below we have covered three methods to ensure your design is helping or hindering your SEO efforts.

Search Engines provide the best results with the customer satisfaction. Search engines reward the sites that provide great user experience. Poor usability translates to the bad user experience.

5 Off-Page SEO Practices to Make Your Website a Favorite on Google

When it comes to website ranking, on-page SEO is considered one of the crucial factors. But it is wrong to neglect the importance of off-page SEO. Search engines see that your pages have a lot of incoming links that reflect the quality of content and high ranking. If you want your website to be ranked on the top on search engines, you must implement these 5 off-page SEO practices.

When it comes to website ranking, on-page SEO is considered one of the crucial factors. But it is wrong to neglect the importance of off-page SEO. Search engines see that your pages have a lot of incoming links that reflect the quality of content and high ranking. If you want your website to be ranked on the top on search engines, you must implement these 5 off-page SEO practices.

Alert for Freelance Writers: 3 Bad SEO Practices to Avoid

Working as a freelancer is not just about quality content but also building your portfolio. If you are being asked to write content specifically designed to trick search engines, do you really think that your creativity is given importance? Make sure to be proud of whatever you are doing. Here are 3 bad SEO practices you must avoid to be a professional and successful freelance writer.

How to avoid simple SEO Mistakes in WordPress

Websites at the top of the list are most likely to be clicked by the visitors. This what SEO is. Optimizing your website and taking it to the top of the ranking is an arduous process that requires knowledge about the working of search engines, plenty of research and a lot of patience. Results does not appear overnight. If after spending time you still are not getting the results you want, you may be making some simple mistakes.

Best 5 Ways Responsive Web Design Benefits your SEO

It’s a wonderful combination of SEO and web design. Both benefit each other. In this mobile era, having a catchy website design is the essential component of an SEO strategy. In simple words, a responsive website design makes your website easily viewed on all sizes of screens. Mobile friendliness has taken the world by storm but you need to ask yourself is your website has responsive design. Here you will find out some reasons to pay your attention towards your website design.

5 Business Website Design Essentials to have in 2017

Having an online presence is the crucial factor to survive in this digital realm. Most of the consumers spend maximum time in surfing online for services and products. Though you are working hard for your business progress but without online presence, you cannot achieve the desired outcomes. Make your business rule the digital world by incorporating five necessary elements for your website designs.

3 Step Process for Creating a Winning Content Marketing Strategy

Strategy on which the entire content of the website is designed is what that should not be neglected. According to Content Marketing Institute, if you don’t document your plan, you are most likely to not achieve the desired goal. According to Content Marketing Institutions, this is how an effective content marketing strategy helps:

5 Steps to Create a Compelling Brand Experience

Brand loyal customers have 5-9 times greater conversions than first time customers. Do you have brand loyal customers? It is one of the important elements of a digital media marketing. Without an engaging brand experience you are similar to those products who just have an online presence but compelling brand experience can help you establish brand loyalty. Once you have successfully established brand loyalty, customers are more likely to purchase your services. Have a look on 5 easiest steps to create a riveting brand experience.

3 Mega Sources of Traffic for Your Business

Online business is all about bringing traffic to the website. Many businesses keep on struggling to increase the number of visitors on their website but failed. Are you one of those who have been struggling to boost the traffic on their websites? Read on to find out some proven ways to create an obstacle free online presence. These are three major traffic sources that you must work on to get higher traffic. These sources will generate endless flow of potential customers.

7 Creative Ways to Improve Your Social Media Engagement

Social media is one of the most important parts of business marketing and no business today can survive without having its strong social media presence and engagement. Specially while building an online business, the most important metric to consider is how to develop maximum social media engagement. This type of media is the biggest source of getting sales and every business across the world tends to generate maximum audience and sales from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and all other social media giants. Being a business owner, along with your tactics to grasp more audience from the social media platforms, there is another thing that you need to pay attention and that is "Social Media Engagement".

5 steps to website security that you can trust

How will you protect your website from those who will stop at nothing to harm it? Hackers, service attackers and ransom ware are of great interest for modern websites. Nothing will eliminate your audience trust in you faster than visiting your website and getting a security warning or having a Google flash ”You can’t trust this site.” message in your search results. So how can you protect your website from evildoers that can harm your website? Security is not a product but a process. Here are five trustworthy steps to secure your website.

3 Important SEO Steps to Implement Now

Does people love you first? This is the question you need to ask yourself. People don’t fully appreciate the full breadth of each of the terms of S-E-O: Search, Engine and Optimization. Do you? It is the time to reconsider your SEO strategies. Here you will find three easiest steps to help you maintain a smart, consistent SEO practice that delivers reliable results into the future.

7 website mistakes that may harm your business

A website is the reflection of your business, products, professionalism and dedication to your work. But a website with mistakes can leave a bad impression about you and also increase the chances of losing the potential leads. After going through some websites, we have enlisted a few mistakes that we noticed like extra loud, auto play videos and the most weird was problematic web hosting and domain strategies. We just want to make sure that you are not making the same mistakes on your website. Let’s go through those mistakes so that you can avoid them to make a successful online business.

Why Email Marketing is Key for Small Businesses?

For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI. Most of the marketers do not understand the value of email by considering is a useless thing. But this small intelligent tool can do wonders for your digital marketing. Here is why email marketing is key for small businesses. Have a look.

5 Ways Web Design impacts Customer Experience

Website Design is one of the most essential components of Digital media marketing strategy. A great website design throws a spotlight on your businesses objectives in a beautiful way. The aesthetics, visual appeal, usability and other crucial factors have a big impact on the long term success of a business. Understating the value of website design is a big drawback. Do you know how dramatically it can impact your business? Let’s have a look on the five most important aspects of a website design that draws attention of traffic and improve your business’ productivity.

Understanding Social Media Ecology- Honeycomb Model

Not a single business can be successful digitally without having an online social media presence. Now the question arises how social media is engaging the users. To answer this question, a group of professors from Canada created a valuable model to check out the effectiveness of social media. Jan Kietzmann, Kristopher Hermkens and Ian McCarthy came up with a unique Honeycomb Model based on the seven key building blocks on which businesses can build their company’s social media strategy and focus their attention on it.

What Is The Best Time to Post on Social Media?

Have you ever noticed the time and day when your content is most likely to be shared on social media? Do you know the time when your audience actively participates? Is the engagement time of audience on Facebook and Twitter same?

Creating a post with amazing content and images is of no use without a workable strategy. It is advisable to post on social media in peak hours and days for your audience. It is quite obvious that ideal time slot will vary based on the social networks, customer segments, external events, multiple use-cases and even time zones.

3 Types of Keywords That Can Get Your Content Found Faster

Getting attention in digital world is not like purchasing a piece of real estate and putting up a great sign. People won’t just wander and stumble on your site. In fact, you have far more competition online. The primary way to access your website is by searching on a search engine like Google. No matter what kind of content you do, keywords matter. Use of right keywords will make or break your website. If quality content is the king for a digital marketing then keywords are the king for content that bring your content found faster on search engines. Read on to find out three types of keywords that work effectively to make your content found faster.

3 Tips for Dynamite CRM Strategy

In the twenty first century, this digital realm is enriched with advertisements. Facebook and twitter posts are cluttered with advertisements and this all is the outcome of social media based marketing strategies. We as marketers need to rethink about our marketing strategies to efficiently target our potential audience out of consumers. A strong CRM strategy is one of the best ways to educate prospects about our products. We should focus on serving customers instead of selling the products. Force fed advertisements are a big no. Improve your CRM strategy by incorporating three valuable tips to take your business to next level.

5 types of SEO you need to boost your site traffic

SEO is a vast field that is not just confined to putting keywords on page. Though keywords optimization is a significant aspect of SEO but it’s a lot more to it. Do you want to get maximum traffic on your site? Here are five SEO tactics that can help your site rank for the keywords you are targeting. You may not use all of them but will have a proper understanding of how to improve your website ranking.

A-Z Factors of Digital Marketing That work

When you want to make living as a digital marketer, learning how to use digital marketing that converts is a smart way to grow in online world. What is even more fun than a list of rhymes that will help you memorize the fundamentals of effective digital marketing? Have a look on infographic that visually depicts each rhyme. Since you want your visitors to act because your services assist them with something they lack, this infographic will show you path to stay on track. Let’s jump right in to the ABC of Digital Marketing.

What happens in an internet Minute in 2017?

In social media universe, there are no barriers to entry and almost infinite amounts of people have been a part of it. We chitchat with our friends on social media, share unlimited photos on Instagram, send hundreds of emails and share stories on snap chat unknowingly but do we really know how much we have drilled down in digital world. Do you want to know what happens every minute on the internet?

How Artificial Intelligence is influencing Web Designing?

As the significant tools of digital realm, web designing and development have been going through constant growth and evolution. In the early stages, there was not any requirement of complex, image based sites with variation in typography, font and visual content. As time has changed, such websites have become the need of business to step into online world.

5 Ways to Secure WordPress Website

Nagging about the security of WordPress? Fret Not! You can now secure your website with simple five steps. It is said that an open source script is always vulnerable to external attacks but this is partial truth. It is usually the fault of website owner that your site got hacked. Read on to find ways for a safe and secure WordPress site.

How to make your website visitors fall in love with your services?

A website is the reflection of your business. For your services, you have made a fantastic website that attracts pretty good traffic but are the visitors getting converted into buyers? Do you have high bounce rate on your website? That could be due to unattractive, irrelevant or a boring website. Follow the below mentioned tactics to induce your visitors to stay and lower your bounce rate.