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Why Email Marketing is Key for Small Businesses?

For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI. Most of the marketers do not understand the value of email by considering is a useless thing. But this small intelligent tool can do wonders for your digital marketing. Here is why email marketing is key for small businesses. Have a look.

Do You Blog?

Email marketing is the nutella of the blog. They perfectly complement each other. Blogging feeds the website with the updated news and content that is ideal for generating organic traffic. It helps bringing the traffic to the website and boost search engine ranking. What is the nest step after bringing traffic to the site? Do you want them to stay or to remember you? This is where email marketing comes in. Though your content is about a simple topic but you can hold the breath of your clients by sending them a reminding note via email. Researches have also showed that 86% of consumers like to receive promotional emails from the companies they do business with. Without email, your blog would be like you are eating the slice without jam. Email your clients and customers about your blog posts.

Have any Special Announcement or Promotions?

Do you have special announcement regarding your new product, service, event or any other special invitation for your clients? How will you let them know? Email is the most economical and effective media to send your message in timely manner. It costs you nothing nor does it take days to reach like letters.

Got New Leads?

Congrates you got new leads! Now it is the time to send them an introductory email that will express some sort of gratitude and a warm welcome. It does not only show how you value your clients but also reflects your professionalism.

There is only significant amount of thought and strategy that has to go into crafting a perfect email marketing strategy. An effective email strategy can improve the conversion rate and nurture your business. If you have not started using email marketing, you are not using an effective and economical tool that works for sure. Start emailing and see the wonders.